Cryptolocker – Cryptowall.

What is Cryptolocker? Cryptolocker and its main variant Cryptowall is a relatively new malware / ransomware strain designed to extract funds from users of infected computers and computer networks. Cryptolocker’s current main attack vector is via email with an.....
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Shellshock – Bash Shell Bug vulnerability.

Do you have an internet facing web server, mail server or other unix based system? A new vulnerability has been discovered in the BASH shell. The BASH shell is similar to the command prompt in windows and is the primary interface for configuring and controlli.....
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iOS 8.

The new iOS 8 upgrade for iPhones/iPads has been released. There have been some reports of the iOS 8 reverting the devices back to factory defaults with complete data loss. We suggest you first backup your device to iCloud or iTunes before performing the upgr.....
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